Lennon’s House

Congratulations to Lennon’s House team for the Summer New Jersey Special Olympics. Our team called the Golden Rulers won a gold, silver and gold for Bocce!

Lennon’s House has a new website. Please visit lennonshouse.com to see our new website!

Check out The Golden Rulers of Lennon’s House’s team fundraising page

Lennon’s House volunteers on Tuesdays at 11th Hour Rescue. Here are some pictures to share that experience. 

Lennon’s House has openings on Tuesday and Friday for our social Day Program. Please contact us if you are interested at 973-997-0116. 

Lennon’s House is doing Special Olympics Bowling and we have Tuesday and Friday openings. Please contact Kim at kimonthego15@gmail.com or call 973-997-0116 or 862-345-4909 for more information.

We finally have an office! Our new office is located at the Pine Street Commons in Rockaway New Jersey. Phone number is 973-453-6550. It is 45 seconds off of the Route 80 exit. 10/10 has always been a pivotal date in our lives. Always endings and/or beginnings.
🙏Thank you God and please protect us. So much work has been put into this. This is our life work.


Please read the article in the Ridgeview Echo about 4-H Rhapsody in Color, Music, Fine Arts and Lennon’s House Festival below:


Lennon’s House is in need of a 12-15 passenger van. If you or someone you know can donate a new van to help us, please reach out. Your donation will be greatly appreciated!